Custom Residential Pool Misting Fog Systems
Custom Residential Pool Misting Fog Systems
Custom Residential Pool Misting Systems

Really Enjoy the Outdoors

Through the use of Universal Fog’s high pressure mist pumps and ultra-fine fog nozzles, we can transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis. We will create custom solutions for your designated areas that will provide a comfortable outdoor cooling environment.  Add a cool dramatic fog effect that adds ambiance as well as comfort; such as a Misting Tiki, Fogging Rock Scapes and Special Pool Effects.  Universal Fog can create your dream backyard. Depending on the area of the country and relative humidity, temperature drops of up to 40 degrees can be achieved to keep you nice and cool.

Unlike low pressure misting systems that use house water pressure and produce droplets so large evaporation is incomplete causing people and surfaces to get wet. Universal Fog’s high pressure systems produce droplets up to 100 times smaller than a human hair. The complete and rapid evaporation of these micron size droplets causes the air temperature to drop creating a cool comfortable environment. The highest quality materials are used and the systems can be built-in and included in a new construction project. We work with builders and can engineer our misting systems to their specifications. Universal Fog also works directly with residential home owners, custom home builders and multi-family contractors offering our custom design solutions, installation and service.

We all love our pets, Universal Fog provides custom cooling solutions for kennels, outdoor pet runs, animal shelters and barns. We can keep your pets cool and comfortable in a humane environment during those blistering hot summer months.

Let Universal Fog’s expert team design, engineer and install a custom system for your home. Whether it is for cooling or visual effects, we can make your home even more tranquil and enjoyable, turning it into your own private oasis.

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