Greenhouse Fogging Systems
High Pressure Fog Fans Installed in Cotton Storage Facility

We Cool Much More than People

At Universal Fog we pride ourselves on improving the production of your farm animals such as dairy cows. Our joint study with the University of Arizona has proven the benefits for increased milk production. With a Universal Fog agricultural cooling system not only is milk production increased, but also respiration rates are decreased and pregnancy rates increased. We have satisfied customers around the world that have experienced these results as well.

Our Greenhouse systems are one of the best available and one of our specialties. Your plants will thrive with our custom cooling and humidification systems.

Universal Fog has worked with many zoos not only to provide cooling systems for their human visitors but also to keep all of their animals in climate controlled environments to keep them nice and cool.

Our engineering team is standing by to provide you with the exact specifications you require. Since we are the manufacturer of the equipment we use, we also have the knowledge to better design the systems to solve your problems. Our worldwide customer base is a testament to our success!

Every Universal Fog Systems Inc. Dairy Cooling System is specifically designed for the dairy in question.  Every posible option is reviewed and analyzed and a “Solution Package” is developed beginning with the Milk House & Wash Pens.  Each 30″ high velocity fan (Universal Agri-Cooler), emits roughly 15,000 cfm of air movement, is equipped with single or dual stage mist nozzles, each controlled individually for maximum cooling effect.  In the wash pens, larger water droplets are used to wet cows, ensuring greater heat transfer.  As the cows move forward to the drip pens, less water is used and droplet sizes decrease with added pressure.  Smaller droplets mean greater evaporation and more cooling.  Each fan, whether oscillating or non-oscillating, is strategically placed to maximize the coverage area creating an efficient and cost effective method of cooling.  With the Universal Agri-Cooler, 2-3 times more water can be used per fan without getting the ground wet.

Because power availability varies from dairy to dairy and country to country, all Universal Agri-Coolers can be configured 120v or 240v – 1 phase, 240v or 480v – 3 phase.  Electrical panels are configured with solid state overload protection and can be configured with timed delays.  Complete systems can be controlled manually, or switched using timers, thermostats and/or humidistats.  Up to 12 stages of cooling can be built into the system, depending on the specific requirements of the dairy, ensuring a cooler environment through more precise control.

A dairy can’t make money unless its cows are producing milk.

Carlos A. Risco, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine says, “The problem is that dairy cows are unable to maintain normal body temperature in a hot environment because of high heat production associated with lactation.  The cows adjust to the high temperature by reducing feed intake, seeking out shade, standing rather than lying, and by limiting physical activity including heats.”

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