Customer Testimonials

Universal Fog Testimonials:

AZ Central West Zone Incident Management Team

“Your cooling mist fans were a much-appreciated show of support, and a great way to cool off the “troops”! They provided a welcome comfort in a real time of need.”        


Bayonne Fire Department

“My Department has been using our Universal fog fans with great results for the past four plus years. They are used for our Firefighter Emergency Incident Rehabilitation program.

The air/fog from our fans provided us with the means to rehabilitate our personnel without the complications that can arise from moving them from extreme hot environments to air conditioned areas. This means that they can return to duty more quickly and without any medical side effects.”


Bell Road Toyota

“Just want to tell you how happy all of our technicians are with the new system. While it has been only up for a few short months this summer it has made their lives much cooler! The high pressure mister runs all day everyday and not one jet has plugged!”


City of Mesa

“I want to thank you  for providing  Fog Systems during  the Crosby  Stills and  Nash concert. My staff and I are very impressed with this misting system. I would appreciate you sending me literature and costs so  we can include funding in our next year’s budget.”


City of Scottsdale

“On behalf of the City of Scottsdale, allow me the opportunity to thank you for your generous contribution to Scottsdale’s Park and Recreation Division’s “Might Mud Mania” event! Universal Fog’s donation of the use of fog fans, is meaningful, and helped to keep the participants and spectators cool on a hot Scottsdale day. Thousands of children around the valley were able to participate this fun, annual romp in the mud, thanks to your donation and support!”


Cobre Mining Company

“We have been testing the Universal Fog units underground to help eliminate dust airborne particles. We have one unit installed to also reduce the dust from our Pioneer Crusher conveyor belt as it drops into the ore bin. We started with one unit and our visual results were so positive that top management authorized a total of 5 more units to be installed and tested!”


 Cresline-West Inc

Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for all your efforts in developing and perfecting our Forklift Fog System. Since its’ introduction three years ago our employees have enjoyed the cooling effects virtually without interruption.”


Cresline-West Inc

“Just wanted to thank you for your solution on our south awning project. The system you installed really helped keep our employees comfortable through the summer’s torrid heat. Without this system I am sure our employee turnover rate would have been much higher.”



“I wish to commend and thank you for both your recommendations and effort during the installation and the prototype mister system for Rodger Rabbit. I hope when you see our Guests appreciation and enjoyment of this system, you will take pride in your contribution for the custom system we required.”


D’Javaheads Int’l Bean Company

“I don’t know where to start. I just don’t know what to say regarding all the excellent work you and the incredible people you have in your company have done for us. I suppose “Thank You” is a good place to start!


Galles Chevrolet

“All of our service writers and technicians in our main service area are constantly thanking me and the service manager for installing Universal Fog system. It is 95 degrees outside right now (May) and about 20 degrees cooler at most at our workstations. We are in the process of installing six smaller systems in our heavy line, used cars and RV shops. Thanks for helping us design our first system. Your product is working great! Keep up the good work!”


Geronimo Farms, Inc

“I would like to take this time to thank you and your company for the excellent service I received. Even though your company is 2,000 some odd miles away, it’s like doing business right next door. The fog system Universal Fog designed for me has resulted in a practically disease free environment in which to  propagate Poinsettia’s. In the year before the fog system I had tremendous difficulty rooting poinsettia’s in 90 degree heat with high humidity. Now that I have the fog system installed it is so much cooler the cuttings remain tranquil even at the hottest part of the day. I can now grow higher quality plants much quicker!

My father discovered your product on a trip to Tucson at my aunt’s house, where she used your fog system to cool her patio. We installed our fog system 10 days later and have been very satisfied ever since. I would recommend your company to anybody looking to cool a space or in an agricultural application for propagation. Thanks again!”



“Gordon-Darby, Inc. has been using mist systems provided by Universal Fog for over 20 years now. Due to the extreme heat and our building structures, Gordon-Darby needed a mist system that could provide a decrease of temperature over a great deal of square footage.

Universal Fog has provided a system that has dropped our building temperature between 20 and 25 degrees. They have provided excellent service and quick installation. The mist system has proven to be very low maintenance. Universal Fog is a company that has shown they care about their products. Gordon-Darby will highly recommend Universal Fog to anyone we know that could benefit from their products.”


Hedges Cellars

“I am writing this letter to acknowledge the fine work that Universal Fog systems did installing our humidification system for our barrel aging cellar. The first year of operation of our new winery we had no humidity control in our cellar, and consequently we were topping barrels every month in the summer and two months during the winter. We have over 500 barrels in inventory so this was also a considerable amount of labor. In addition to the labor costs we also used over 600 gallons of wine for the topping in the first year. Since it has been installed the humidity in our cellar has been a constant 70 degrees and the system has performed flawlessly. We immediately noticed the decrease in the amount of topping necessary for our barrels. Overall I am very happy with the system and I would recommend them to any winery!”


Hospital Specialty Company

“I am writing this letter to acknowledge the fine work that Universal Fog displayed installing the humidification system in our facility. I had considered for some time the benefits of humidifying my plant, but my perceived cost of such a system had prevented me from acting. Well to make a long story short this system was without a doubt the best decision I made. The static throughout our facility has been cut dramatically allowing production to increase and down time to decrease. Again I want to express our complete satisfaction and appreciation and wish you and your company complete success.”


Hyatt Vineyards Winery

“The system designed and installed by you has worked flawlessly to date and desired results have all been achieved and then some. Barrel topping losses have been reduced by 60-65% since month four after installation. What has equally impressed me is that barrels stored in the barrel room equipped with the fogging system which have been empty as long as six months require no hydration/soaking prior to filling. Not a leaker in the lot. Not only has the system saved me time but money as well. Being a small winery using some 725 barrels in our production processes, the wine and time saved are significant. We at Hyatt Vineyards Winery consider the money invested in our fogging system well spent indeed.”


Logan & Associates Inc

“I can’t tell you what a difference your misting system has made in my horse stalls and patio. As you know, I tried a competitor’s product with little success. The constant leaking and repairs drove me crazy. The idea of cooling with a misting system is wonderful had I came to you in the first place. I am truly happy with the results and pleased to find a company with the personal follow-up you have demonstrated. Please call me soon about the misting around my pool.”


Maple Lodge Farms

“Maple Lodge Farms has always tried to lessen the impact of heat effect on poultry because their tolerance to temperature change is very delicate. We were looking for an efficient, practical way of better cooling our Truck Barn and augmenting our Fan System. Our existing spray nozzle system was generating excess moisture and it was felt the process could be improved.

After exploring various options we met with Universal Fog Systems and had them design and install systems for our Barn and Fan System. I am happy with the Universal Fogging  System installed. Within the first month of operation we realized a significant reduction in Bird Stress which also resulted in savings over the same time frame the previous year. Universal Fog also installed an additional system in our Unloading Bay with the same success. I am pleased with Universal Fog , and would not hesitate to use their products and services for future projects.”


Maricopa County Sheriff Department- HIDTA

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for constructing and mounting the Unifog high pressure fog fan on our methamphetamine response vehicle. Our personnel attached to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force (HIDTA), operate in some of the worst chemical environments to include searing indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Our meth investigators & supervisors have informed me that the Unifog fan has performed above any expectation they may have had. The fan has become a portable rehabilitation component for the meth lab investigators and is now considered a vital piece of our meth lab response equipment inventory.

Thank you once again, your portable fog fan has made a world  of difference  for the health and well-being of my personnel.”


Maricopa County Sheriff Department- Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“On behalf of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, thank you for your donation of the misting system used during our “Labor Day Deadbeat Parents Round-up,” this past weekend.  I  understand this request for the misting system was made at the end of  your closing day on Friday and without hesitation, you generously provided your biggest cooling system for this operation. On Saturday, we had over 100 personnel assigned to this operation and the weather was hot and humid. Your misting system was a great relief for all personnel who worked this detail all day. I want to commend you both for taking the time to respond to our request for assistance  which helped  make our  jobs easier.”



“I am very impressed with the products I have used from Universal Fog. I have found they put a lot of thought in what they build. We have used Universal Fog Products for the past three years at the downtown Tempe Fourth of July Event. The trailer mounted units and the large individual fans worked wonderfully keeping two large outdoor VIP areas cool. Because of the nature of my business, I have little time to fix any problems. With Universal Fog I don’t have those worries. It has always worked right the first time. Thanks again for all your support!”


T.C. Eggington’s 

“It’s been a pleasure having your system for several reasons. First the reduction of noise coming from the pump. Secondly, replacing the old 60 nozzle system with a system with only 20 nozzles and getting the same amount of mist and cooling was ingenious and showed your expertise in mist. Also, the automatic drain valve has completely eliminated the continual problem of clogged nozzles. Your company showed professionalism in installation and servicing this system. If I ever have a need or know of anyone looking for a mist system I will definitely recommend Universal Fog over your competitors system we previously had. Thanks again for everything. Our customers and staff enjoy the mist!”