Outdoor Misting Systems for Home and Business Applications


Misting Applications

We take pride in working directly with custom home builders and homeowners alike, that desire to create their dream outdoor retreat. Our expert design and installation team will work with you to bring your vision to reality. We will provide outdoor cooling solutions for your home, pool, patio, outdoor kitchen and pet runs to name a few. Universal Fog Misting Systems also designs breathtaking mist and fog effects for your pools, fountains, and outdoors. Our misting systems will turn your backyard into a tranquil oasis for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Patios
  • Outdoor Cooling Solutions
  • Water Features
  • Pool Special Effect Misting Systems
  • Decks, Gazebos and Tiki Huts
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Kennels and Stables
  • Work Shops


Misting Applications

Universal Fog provides a variety of custom heating, cooling, humidification, industrial fans, portable cooling systems, dust and odor control solutions for the industrial sector. We are ready to get started on your next project, warehouse or custom needs. We have worked in many industries and have very satisfied customers. Some areas of expertise are:

  • Rock Crushing Plants
  • Waste Transfer Stations
  • Mines
  • Emission Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Concrete Curing
  • Construction Sites
  • Loading Docks
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Control Static Electricity
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Plastics ¬†Plants
  • Wood and Pulp Plants
  • Ceramic Plants


Misting Applications

Universal Fog provides a variety of custom cooling, climate control, humidification solutions and applications for all your Agricultural needs. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Greenhouses -Cooling and/or Humidification, Cuttings, Propagation, Seed Germination, Tissue Culture
  • Wineries and Vineyards for Topping Off, Humidification
  • Farm Animals- Cooling, Shade Structures and Humidification Control:
  • Dairy Cows, Poultry, Hogs and Horses
  • Barns, Stables, Corrals, Trailers, Portable Cooling
  • Bird Aviaries
  • Butterfly Conservatories
  • Nurseries
  • Mushroom Farms
  • Vegetable and Fruit Storage Facilities
  • Cotton Storage Facility
  • Exotic Animals Sanctuaries
  • Field Frost Protection


Misting Applications

Universal Fog has worked with the top Theme Parks and Film Production Companies to produce awesome special fog effects and cooling solutions. We have worked with some of the best Zoos, aquariums, bird aviaries and butterfly conservatories providing everything from climate controlled cooling and humidification systems to special effects. Our design team will work closely with your creative team to build and make your vision a reality. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Theme Parks
  • Special Effects on Rides
  • Concession Stands
  • Ticket Lines, Promotional Booths
  • Films, Movies and Music Videos Fog Effects
  • Movie Theaters
  • Zoos
  • Concerts
  • Golf Courses
  • Miniature Golf Courses
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Events


Misting Applications

Universal Fog has been working with the top builders and contractors  from around the world. Our professional engineering, design and installation team will work with you to customize all of your commercial needs. Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Restaurants and Patios
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Strip and Auto Malls
  • Outdoor Employee Break Areas
  • Condominiums and Office Buildings
  • Schools and Churches
  • Houseboats
  • Stadiums
  • Sporting Events
  • Bus Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals and Healthcare


Misting Applications

Universal Fog provides many types of outdoor portable cooling systems that are perfect for outdoor training centers, events, marathons, concerts, military training just to name a few. We also customize cooling solutions for heavy machinery.

  • Work Trucks
  • Food Trucks
  • Outdoor Cooling Stations
  • Fork Lifts
  • Police and Military Training Facilities
  • Custom off Road Applications

What Our Water Mist System Clients Have to Say

AZ Central West Zone Incident Management Team

“Your cooling mist fans were a much-appreciated show of support, and a great way to cool off the “troops”! They provided a welcome comfort in a real time of need.”

Bayonne Fire Department

“My Department has been using our Universal fog fans with great results for the past four plus years. They are used for our Firefighter Emergency Incident Rehabilitation program. The air/fog from our fans provided us with the means to rehabilitate our personnel without the complications that can arise from moving them from extreme hot environments to air conditioned areas. This means that they can return to duty more quickly and without any medical side effects.”

Just a Few of Our Mist Cooling System Customers